The High Court has heard that statements made in a Youtube video are unfounded and without substance.

A garda has brought a High Court action over a YouTube video with a commentary which he claims is false, malicious and defamatory of him. The garda,(...)

Linda Hussey Smith and Gordon Smith (Light blue shirt)  leaving the Four Courts on Tuesday escorted by gardaí. Photograph: Collins Courts

A couple have been freed from custody after they apologised before the High Court and purged their contempt over their failure to obey a High Court or(...)

Dwyer claims provisions of the Communications (Retention of Data) Act 2011, which allowed gardaí obtain and use data generated by his mobile phone during his 2015 trial, breached his privacy rights under the Constitution, European Convention on Human Rights and the EU Charter.

The sole purpose of Graham Dwyer’s challenge to Ireland’s data retention laws is to show his rights were breached when information from his mobile pho(...)

Convicted murderer Graham Dwyer is attempting to have   provisions of Ireland’s data retention laws struck down. File photograph: Cyril Byrne

A senior Garda has told the High Court it would be “virtually impossible” to investigate many serious crimes committed in the State without the use of(...)