Mor Tra

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Inis Mor, Aran Islands: It still amazes me how most people who land on Inis Mór end up heading west and out towards Dún Aonghasa, when perhaps the more tranquil side is the east, out past Killeany and Iararine, where you will also find An Trá Mór

There was a late switch to the GAA markings in here last weekend, so I found myself driving out of Tuam on Sunday evening as the brightly inflamed sky(...)

From Dunfanaghy in Donegal to Duncannon in Wexford, Ireland's beaches offer something for everyone this summer For most of us, seaside resorts a(...)

The running scenes, both in training and competition, are as well represented as anything in the history of cinema

It gently fades from the 1978 funeral service for Harold Abrahams, and the interior of a church in London, where one of his fellow Olympians of 1924 r(...)