Facebook chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg  in Brussels. Photograph: Reuters/Yves Herman/File Photo

Facebook wants to be regulated. So says its chief executive and chairman Mark Zuckerberg. Regulate us, world. Do it now!  Facebook has been on a(...)

Facebook’s head of global policy management and counterterrorism Monika Bickert pictured at the IIEA. Photograph : Lorcan Mullally, IIEA

Facebook has said it supports “the overall goals” of the proposed digital safety law, which aims to make tech companies responsible for combating harm(...)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Photograph: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

“Good Lord lady … How many drinks did you have today,” goes one of the most upvoted of the 29,000 comments under a Facebook video of the US house spea(...)

Facebook has announced its first policy to combat misinformation about vaccines, following in the footsteps of Pinterest and YouTube. The social net(...)

Facebook is using artificial intelligence to stomp out terrorist content

Aside from its recent industry partnership with Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube to share “hashes” or unique digital fingerprints of terrorism-related v(...)

Facebook recorded a slight increase in government requests for account data in the second half of 2014. Photo: Reuters

Facebook has clarified its community standards to make clear what is considered acceptable content on the social network, providing guidance on polici(...)