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 Jacksonville, Florida where David Katz  was playing in a videogame tournament, before murdering  Eli Clayton and Taylor Robertson. Photograph: Gianrigo Marletta / AFP

It’s a long-standing argument: do violent videogames – or films or TV – increase violent or aggressive behaviour in real life? Particularly after mass(...)

Children are starting a digital footprint, so they need to tread carefully. Photographs: Thinkstock Images

Is your child’s first mobile phone, tablet, laptop or gaming device going to be under the tree this Christmas? If so, have you thought beyond the g(...)

“The vast majority of students who are involved in cyber bullying are also involved in traditional bullying,” said Prof Mona O’Moore.

The Government must make resources available to help counter increasing levels of bullying in schools, according to a leading commentator on cyber and(...)

For professionals involved in child protection and anti-bullying, it is a reminder to young people – and all users of social media – to think twice about putting information about themselves or others online.

Teenagers take risks. Sometimes they’re stupid, shameful and repugnant risks.Once, the consequences might not have lasted longer than a bad hangover. (...)

The O’Donoghue family: Derek, June, Lee (8) and Luke (5), with Taekwondo instructor Gerry Martin. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Like many parents, mother-of-four June O’Donoghue worries about the possibility of any (...)

The “sexting” phenomenon, and general “peer to peer” exchange of material, has been facilitated by advances in technology, a conference was told at the weekend in Dublin. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

There has been a noticeable increase in sexually aggressive behaviour through young people’s use of phone and online content, a conference hea(...)