For the Celt the Neolithic marvel of Newgrange became the home of gods and a passage between worlds. And let’s not forget the Celtic Samhain, the night on which a portal is opened between worlds. Photograph: Getty Images

Can the dead communicate with the living? There is nothing like war or pestilence, such as our current pandemic, to bring such questions to the fore. (...)

Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova, Fran Halpin and Niamh O’Connor, the three emerging female Irish artists taking part in the $€X¥ Gstaad exhibition, organised by ArtsFemin

Three emerging Irish women artists have been invited to exhibit their works in Gstaad, the Swiss winter fairyland famed for snowy slopes, gingerbread (...)

Niamh Cleary and James McGrath got married in Castle Durrow, Co Laois. They met on a night out while Niamh was studying medicine in Trinity College Dublin. Photograph: Mark Griffin

James McGrath, a garda from Nenagh, Co Tipperary, met Dr Niamh Cleary in 2010 on a night out while she was studying medicine at Trinity College Dublin(...)

Shaun Moriarty and John James Hickey had a spiritualist ceremony. Photograph: Brian Gavin/Press 22

The wedding industry in Ireland is bigger business than ever, but because so many nontraditional organisations are offering new and unfamiliar marria(...)

Pictured, from left, are JP Connolly, Susan Ryder, Chris Gordon, Dr Lorraine Nancy O Brien, Christine Mc Quillan, Mary Grant, and Irish Times ‘trainee’ celebrant Kate Holmquist. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Druid ceremonies, hand-tying, sand-pouring ceremonies, candle-lighting ceremonies, St Brigid’s Well water in chalices, jumping the broom, story-tel(...)