‘That other use of the term “going viral”, as a goal for amplifying the spread of ideas, actions or witty cat memes via social media. Photograph: iStock

In May of last year, Chinese artist Guo O Dong made headlines when he sold a simple black Samsung computer to an undisclosed buyer for more than $1.3 (...)

Free speech on college campuses is under threat from advancing political correctness, which increasingly dictates that the right not to be offended is given priority over freedom of speech. File photograph: iStock

Robust debate, challenging ideas, dissenting opinion and free speech. These are the central tenets of campus life - helping young people to broaden t(...)

Movement leader Richard Spencer believes the Alt-right will infiltrate mainstream American culture and politics, starting with deporting undocumented immigrants under Donald Trump. Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Currently the subject of a major Twitter storm, Nick Pell’s article for The Irish Times’ website “The Alt-right: everything you need to know” omitted(...)

Tempers flare between rival fans at the England-Russia game in Marseille. Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire.

On Friday evening I was sitting at the Havana Cafe on the south quays of Marseille’s Old Port watching France play Romania in the opening match of Eur(...)