Mike Thomson

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Mike Thomson first became interested in cheese-making  when he worked in the renowned Arcadia Deli on the Lisburn Road in Belfast. Photograph: Joe Laverty

The first time I tried Young Buck, Mike Thomson’s raw-milk blue cheese, was not in its home city of Belfast, but in Berlin. There it sat, a softly mot(...)

 Irish Food Writers’ Guild  award winners: David Watson of Killahora Orchards; Andrew Workman of Dunany Flour; Barry Walsh of Killahora Orchards; Charlie Cole of  Broughgammon Farm;  Jean Baptiste Enjelvin of  Hegarty Cheese; Peter Hannan of Hannan Meats; Dan Hegarty of  Hegarty Cheese; Leonie Workman of Dunany Flour. Photographs: Paul Sherwood

Concerns about the impact of Brexit on the Irish food and drink sector and possible repercussion for the food tourism industry, were raised at the Iri(...)

Dark days in Belfast: Brexit referendum result has potential to create shock waves in the North. Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Just 10 days ago Mike Thomson was happily converting Parisians to the delights of his Young Buck cheese and dreaming of a Northern Ireland victory at (...)

You learn a few things on a road trip to Limerick. Pat Kenny’s talking on the radio to a scientist about the mantis shrimp which can see 12 kinds of l(...)