Mike Mills

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At just under 70 minutes, The National’s eighth studio record is their longest yet, revealing a grand ambition. Co-produced by Mike Mills, who has dir(...)

Annette Bening:  “We have to have dignity and class.” Photograph: Chad Batka/The New York Times

Annette Bening could hardly look any cooler if we were meeting within the cover of a Blue Note jazz LP. She is wearing a black polo neck. Her hair is (...)

End of an era: Johnny Rotten (centre) at his last Sex Pistols concert, in 1978. Photograph: George Rose/Getty

Imagine if some contemporary artist described himself as a Renaissance painter. You’d kick him in the pants and tell him to pull himself together. Rig(...)

Mike Mills and his wife Anna in their newly built home in Co Meath

‘My advice would be to start your house by designing it to the hilt, so that you know exactly what everything costs,” says Mike Mills, who, together w(...)