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‘Employers don’t expect you to have a wealth of experience’

While the concept of the job for life may be a thing of the past, getting yourself on a graduate scheme is one way to give yourself a great chance of (...)

“The graduate that comes out of college today or next year will probably have two or three different types of career during their working life.” Photograph: iStock

Positive employment prospects are a reality for many sectors in 2019 and research shows no indication of this changing in 2020 as employers continue t(...)

Human beings ‘are still going to be needed to interpret data and put nuance on things that computers are not yet able to do’

While university may primarily be seen as a place to secure a third-level qualification, you will also – maybe even unbeknownst to you – have acquired(...)

27% of employees  believe Brexit will decrease future employment opportunities.

Over half of Irish employers (58 per cent) believe Brexit will make it easier to attract and recruit talent from other EU states, a survey by recruitm(...)

The business case for blind recruitment is strong: there is a proven link between diversity and positive financial performance. Photograph: Getty Images

Having spent time in prison won’t necessarily get you a job at the UK multinational retailer, Timpson, but it won’t stand in your way either. About 10(...)

“Candidates care about the culture of an organisation, the development opportunities and if they will be offered mentoring and flexible working arrangements.” Photograph: iStock

There’s a sense of deja vu about the current jobs market and not in a good way. Skills shortages are driving wages and benefit packages up again – by (...)

Remote working, better holidays, continuous professional development are more important to graduates today than gimmicks such as foosball tables. Photograph: iStock.

With Ireland currently the fastest-growing economy in the eurozone – a trend that is expected to continue, graduates are in prime position to snap up (...)

Millennials entering today’s workplaces want to work for diverse firms with a mix of ethnicities, social backgrounds, gender and sexuality. Photograph: iStock

The days of grateful serfs thanking the all-powerful boss for a lump of coal at Christmas are long gone. With the economy continuing to grow, graduate(...)

Soft skills such as communication skills, understanding, initiative and enterprise are capabilities that artificial intelligence will have trouble replicating. Photograph: iStock

Why do companies choose one job applicant over another? Ask any number of experienced interviewers that question and you will most likely get a differ(...)

Before you even have a hope of getting an interview, it’s important to have standout CV that sets you apart from all the other applicants. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

Many students have part-time jobs in the local pub or shop, but taking a step up the career ladder can be daunting. It’s no longer enough to fire out (...)

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