Mike Hinchey

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Last man on the moon: US astronaut Eugene Cernan, who died last week,   in 1972. Photograph: Nasa/EPA

The apparently positive relationship between US president Donald Trump and Russian premier Vladimir Putin could potentially herald an era of greater c(...)

Lero director Professor Mike Hinchey: “You can upgrade a heart pacemaker by upgrading the software on the device rather than operating on the patient to replace it.”

Software now pervades almost every area of our lives. Our phones, our cars, our cookers, our washing machines – just about every physical object we en(...)

The gender gap in tech is not only a missed opportunity for women, but for businesses as well

A skills shortage in the technology industry is looming, both here and abroad, with the number of predicted job vacancies growing and concern mount(...)

Prof Mike Hinchey: “The sooner you can get young people interested and involved the better.” Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Concern has been expressed that new computer and vocational short courses due to be rolled out in secondary schools next September will become (...)

An Irish engineering team is to participate in a €2.5 million research programme investigating how ecology can be used to design more stable so(...)