Mike Guiry

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Sea lettuce is nourished from the estuaries by decades of run-off from intensive dairy farming and nutrients from human sewage. Illustratration: Michael Viney

The waking of spring in the ocean can only be guessed at from the pale, bare sweep of a surf-edged Mayo strand. But out around the islands and beyond,(...)

Johnny Cloherty harvesting seaweed near Carna, Co Galway. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

When James Bond was despatched to Japan in You Only Live Twice, access to the formula for a lucrative seaweed extract was one of many twists to the ta(...)

Eye on Nature

On a beach in Donegal I saw translucent brown bladders, adhered to seaweed. Michael Cunningham Dunkineely, Co Donegal Dr Mike Guiry of NUIG(...)