Mike Gleaves

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Arrralis chief technology officer Mike Gleaves: “Radars for autonomous cars are not  up to standard . .  We have solved these problems and we’ll have a demonstrator product ready for the automotive industry early next year.”

Irish Times Innovation Award winner Arralis has maintained its rapid growth pace during the first half of the year. In March, the radar and wireless(...)

Arralis co-founder and chief executive Barry Lunn: “The most frustrating thing for us at the moment is we can’t produce enough product for the market”

The man from the UK ministry of defence had one simple question: “Who the f**k is Arralis?” It seemed a fair question to ask given the ministry had j(...)

Chief executive of Arralis Barry Lunn:  “There is always money if you have the right product and the right market.”

Irish tech firm Arralis, has secured a €50 million investment from a consortium of Hong Kong-based investors that will allow the company to expand its(...)