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Green tea tablets. Prof Mike Gibney says claims that specific diets can cure cancer are “quack” remedies that have no foundation and lack any serious body of supporting scientific data

Most cancers are caused by bad luck and genetic factors, with little evidence to link specific foods to the disease, according to one of the State’s l(...)

Eating soil may provide some nutritional value. But overall, it is not advised.

Eating soil is a common practice in Africa. With very little research into the practice of geophagy, however, best estimates put the percentage somewh(...)

The term “superfood” is banned by the European Food Safety Authority.

Over the last few years, seemingly “normal” foods have gotten a higher profile. Blueberries, kale and salmon have all edged their way into our regular(...)

Dr Maria Hayes, of Teagasc’s Ashtown Food Research Centre, says eating seaweed in salads is very popular in France.

“We are the only species that exhibit disgust in this way,” Mike Gibney, professor emeritus of food and health at University College Dublin (UCD), say(...)

Malnutrition is one of the more frequent reasons for admission to hospital in older people’. Photograph: iStockphoto

Hospital food – enough to make you sick was the provocative title of one of the talks in Food Matters, a new series of talks at Bloom this year. The e(...)

So we will have a sugar tax. Or more specifically a tax on fizzy soft drinks. It is in the programme for government. It’s politically popular, it’s ac(...)

There is a popular tendency to 
demonise fast food and sugary drinks as the major contributors to

The simple thermodynamic conclusion that weight gain, leading to obesity, results from consistently ingesting more food calories than are burned off i(...)

Spaghetti Bolognese is a meal lacking in fibre, but high in saturated fat and refined carbohydrate. Photograph: Getty Images

Safe Food Ireland (SFI) launched its campaign against childhood obesity, with billboards urging parents to reduce portion size. But blaming parents dr(...)

The agriculture and food sector is the most important indigenous industry and it is presently enjoying the highest growth rate of all the industries (...)

The conventional explanation of obesity (the thermodynamic hypothesis) is the intake of more food calories than are burned off, with storage of the ex(...)

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