Almost eight in 10 of those surveyed reported their household financial circumstances had worsened as a result of Covid-19. Photograph: iStock

People aged 35-54 who have debt and live in Dublin, its surrounds and other urban locations are feeling particular concern about future debt levels, a(...)

A survey found that one-third of respondents start their Christmas shopping in September. One in eight of them said Christmas would leave them in debt. Photograph: iStock

It’s way too early to talk about Christmas, right? Well, not if you are among those who fell into debt over it last year. After back-to-school costs a(...)

Household deposits rose by €3bn  in April, followed by growth of €1.5bn  in May, according to Central Bank figures. That is the biggest increase since records began in 2003

Our reaction to shock is fight, flight or freeze, psychologists say. When it comes to our spending, the pandemic’s upending of life as we know it has (...)

The banks are offered a three-month mortgage payment holiday to those whose ability to pay is hit. Some 28,000 such breaks have already been granted

We didn’t think we’d be back here again so soon. Ten years on from the last financial crisis, recession looms once more. But there’s a difference this(...)

‘Make a list and check it twice – what do you still need to buy?’ Photograph: iStock

Is the cost of your Christmas already racking up? With two weeks to go, it’s easy to get snarled in festive spending. If your halls aren’t decked with(...)