Prejudice and the Irish: There are plenty of Irish people who will look away when a person of colour – born here or not – points to race-based prejudice. They’ve created their own bubble, unaffected by the same discrimination, that denies its existence

The expression “white privilege” has been around for years but “white skin privilege” has recently been repopularised in the US, where numerous Afric(...)

Pantisocracy is essentially a TV chatshow on radio. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

There’s a certain anarchy to late-night radio, fuelled by Red Bull-drinking taxi drivers, night-shift workers, insomniacs and procrastinating students(...)

About 600 people in 120 caravans arrived in  the town of Ginsheim-Gustavsburg (above), southwest of Frankfurt,  and camped on a site beside the Rhine. File photograph: Wikimedia Commons

Following an Irish Times report about some Irish Travellers’ uncivil behaviour on a summer pilgrimage through Germany, a Co Wexford letter writer wond(...)

Luke Kelly-Melia and his assistance dog, a golden retriever called Aidan , at home at Oldcastle, Co Meath. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

1. Inquiry to investigate ticketing at 2012 Olympics The Government inquiry into the Olympics ticket controversy will investigate the distribution (...)

Michelle Marie has been subjected to a torrent of racial abuse on Twitter. Photograph: Michelle Marie/Twitter

A black British woman who was chosen to tweet from the @ireland account for a week has been subjected to a barrage of racist abuse, forcing her to tak(...)