BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe: our first impressions are that the brand new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe bears little resemblance to a coupe and is barely convincing as a sleek premium saloon

The mainstream saloon may be under threat from the tide of crossovers sweeping across the leafy suburbs’ driveways, but there is a niche that still se(...)

The Honda e is incredibly fun to drive, however it does have limitations and luggage space is poor as the boot only holds 171 litres

Of the fleet of fully electric cars heading our way, Honda’s little e is undoubtedly the cutest. Somehow the Japanese car brand has managed to deliver(...)

There are niches, there are sub-niches and then there’s the market for expensive premium coupé crossovers. Given that these cars offer less practicali(...)

The new Peugeot 2008  features a  beautiful design and is a pleasure to drive

For a brand that was rather late – and reluctant – to the SUV craze, Peugeot has not only matched its Asian rivals, but in some ways outdone them. The(...)

A plug-in hybrid BMW X5 is a car that many people might not know exists, but BMW has been making one for a few years. With greater awareness of emissi(...)

Renault has put its 10 years of electric car production experience to good use with its latest refresh of the Zoe. The third generation Zoe changes li(...)

Olivier Murguet: “Two weeks ago we announced in China a City KZ-E, a Kwid EV of sorts and it will come to Europe in a couple of years. There will be a big market for car sharing and this car will be perfect for that.”

Olivier Murguet, Executive Vice President, Sales and Regions, Renault Group and serves on the executive committee Renault Group. Renault is famed fo(...)

Sleek exterior styling is the four door’s selling point. The Gran Coupe features a muscular body, a long sculpted bonnet plus a coupe-like tapered rear and roofline.

BMW’s 8 Series Gran Coupe is clearly designed for mature drivers with a strong pulse and healthy bank balance. The Bavarian four-seater is a motoring (...)

The new Kia XCeed: According to a survey referenced by Kia, crossover buyers rate exterior design above all other attributes at a whopping 64 per cent.

The new Kia XCeed appears to have an identity crisis. On one hand it wants to be an SUV and on the other it wants to be a dynamic hatchback: it can’t (...)

Our high-grade test cars featured comfortable leather seats and lots of equipment as standard

Following the warm welcome for the new generation Mazda3, the next in line for the brand is the CX-30 compact SUV. Mazda believes the new car could be(...)

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