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As far as back as 2004, pianist/composer Úna Keane was aiming to make a mark. Her debut EP, Saya Nova, slipped out to some praise, while her 2010 albu(...)

Andrew Moore and Peter and David Brewis: for Drifters the trio fell into the same improvisational methods they practised when they first began playing together more than 15 years ago

When David and Peter Brewis were commissioned to compose a new score for a 1929 silent documentary about a crew of herring fisherman venturing into(...)

Movie music: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, scored by Howard Shore, in concert
They shoot, they score

To show the power of a film score, Conrad Pope suggests a simple experiment. Go to the end of a movie you know well and watch the final scenes with th(...)

Class act overkill

A few years back I talked to the irrepressible Terence Davies about his film The Deep Blue Sea. I admired his decision to include Samuel Barber’s Conc(...)

Following on from his excellent Carancho , Pablo Trapero offers another diverting med(...)