Cycling has been found to be beneficial to increasing muscle growth when done prior to weight lifting. Photograph: iStock

Cycling or running before you lift weights could amplify the effects of the lifting, according to a helpful new study of the molecular impacts of comb(...)

Eliud Kipchoge runs to win the 45th Berlin Marathon on Sunday. Kipchoge set a new world record in 2 hours 1 minute 39 seconds. Photo: Markus Schreiber/EPA

When Eliud Kipchoge woke to a dazzling Monday morning in Berlin he was greeted with global headlines lauding him as a “long-distance Usain Bolt” and “(...)

Runner Ed Whitlock at his home in Milton, Ontario, Canada. Photograph: Ian Willms/The New York Times.

It was a day for talking, not running. Snow was piled along the streets. The driveway was icy. Ed Whitlock’s shoulder hurt. His face had been puffy. (...)

The IAAF World Championships begin in Beijing on Saturday with the issue of doping still plaguing athletics. Photograph: EPA

It feels almost quaint to recall that when Bob Beamon leapt 8.90m at the Mexico City Olympics in 1968 his only performance enhancer was a shot of tequ(...)