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The tomb of Fr John O’Sullivan SJ during his beatification at St Francis Xavier’s church on Gardiner Street in Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

There were wristbands, portaloos and even merchandise on sale on Dublin’s Gardiner Street at the weekend. However, this wasn’t some inner-city music (...)

It should not happen in Ireland and certainly not in a year which commemorates the beginnings of the Reformation 500 years ago, when Martin Luther nai(...)

Rev Obinna Ulogwara has asked the High Court for injunctions preventing Church of Ireland Archbishop Dr Michael Jackson from terminating what he contends is his employment. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

The Church of Ireland Primate and Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Michael Jackson, has denied ever being the employer of a Dublin-based Anglican minister. R(...)

The Most Rev Dr Michael Jackson is being sued by Rev Obinna Ulogwara over  the church’s decision to annex the Dublin parish at which Rev Ulogwara has been working since 2010. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

A Dublin-city based Church of Ireland minister has brought High Court proceedings aimed at preventing what he claims is the termination of his employm(...)

The late Fr John Sullivan: at age 35 he converted to Catholicism, and was ordained a Jesuit priest 11 years later

The late Jesuit priest Fr John Sullivan, who was raised Protestant, is to be declared “blessed” at a ceremony which will be attended by both the Churc(...)

‘I have never believed those who claim they don’t go to coffee shops to eavesdrop.’ Photograph: Getty

A good coffee shop requires only good coffee. A great coffee shop requires two things: good coffee and good eavesdropping. I have never believed thos(...)

In last year’s instantly forgettable Hollywood film Now You See Me 2, the protagonists walk through one of Macau’s casinos. As the camera pans, player(...)

Sean Spicer dressed up as a United Airlines flight attendant holding a can of Pepsi. A hilarious photoshopped dénouement to a week of synthetic outrag(...)

The 1916 Memorial Wall, in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin, which was vandalised with paint. Photograph:  Conor Ó Mearáin

The vandalising of a wall in Glasnevin Cemetery commemorating the Irish and British people killed during the 1916 Rising was “insult to the memory of (...)

Along for the ride: Enniskillen actor Ciarán McMenamin takes readers on a madcap trip into a drug-fuelled night

Voice is one of the most important aspects of fiction. If a reader can connect with a character, even an unlikable one, chances are they will enjoy th(...)

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