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Robbie Sinnott at his polling station in Dublin 8. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

There was some consternation when Robbie Sinnott went to cast his vote in Dublin 8 on Friday. What should have been a simple process involved a long s(...)

At Christmas, vegans are forced temporarily to reintegrate into mainstream society, which can be incredibly stressful for both them and the omnivores who host them. Photograph: Getty Images

Veganism is a point of contention all year round. So much so that many vegans cut themselves off from the rest of society, huddling together for warmt(...)

Bernard O’Byrne: “Both of the other candidates for this position belong to the old guard, Willie O’Brien for over 20 years and Sarah Keane for over two years.” Photograph: Cathal Noonan/Inpho

A lifelong sports administrator in GAA, soccer and basketball, 67-year-old Bernard O’Byrne is best known for his time with the Football Association o(...)

Identikit: Nicola, Dylan, Sean, George, India, Jade . . . or is that Jade, India?

Made in another era – six years ago, say – a series called Exiles (RTÉ2, Thursday) might have had a different meaning: construction workers forced to (...)