An entire spectrum of violent acts filled my mind: stabbing pregnant women, pushing old men off their bicycles, having sex with animals and then killing the animal, rape. Photograph: iStock

It was a year since my mum died and I wasn’t coping. My bereavement counsellor asked me to write a letter to her, to talk to her as if she was around.(...)

About 94 per cent of us have intrusive thoughts, but it only becomes OCD when it is having a detrimental and distressing effect. Photograph: iStock

What is it? Ruminative obsessive compulsive disorder – or OCD intrusive thoughts – is one of four types of OCD. According to the US National Institut(...)

Because children rarely have the freedom to roam, explore and climb trees anymore, these skills are in decline

For some students, physical education (PE) has always been a welcome break from the books. For others, PE is that time when they are forced to play te(...)

Course selection can come down to running your options through a process of elimination.  Photograph: iStockphoto

Career guidance teachers have all sorts of tools and techniques to help young people figure out what they want to do after college. But what about sta(...)