Meik Wiking

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  Ireland might   want to look to Denmark, which was ranked number one on the UN’s World Happiness Index for 2013, 2014, and 2016.  Photograph: iStock

The 19th century Scottish writer and philosopher Thomas Carlyle famously called economics “the dismal science”. But much has changed in economics over(...)

There are  differences between the way hygge is understood in Denmark and  abroad

In the first episode of Mad Men, Don Draper tells us what advertising is all about: happiness. “You know what happiness is?” he asks. “Happiness is t(...)

“Now, where did I put that glass of mulled wine?”

It was inevitable, I suppose. After decades of being told how the French do everything so much better than the rest of us – raising kids, staying t(...)

Meik Wiking, director of Denmark’s institute for happiness research: ‘I never worked so hard, earned so little or had so much fun.’ Photograph: Carlos Manuel Sánchez

The interesting thing about Meik Wiking, who studies happiness, is that he’s terribly happy. In fact he’s never been happier. He loves his job as dire(...)