Maya Deren

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Chantal Ackerman behind the camera in 1980. Photogaph:   Laszlo Ruszka/ INA/Getty Images

Sadly, when compiling a list of 10 great films by women, a bit more digging is required than would be necessary if putting together an equivalent list(...)

Jessica Hausner: Her new film Little Joe has picked up multiple prizes at the Austrian Film Awards

Jessica Hausner is attempting to make a sound that, as she puts it, falls somewhere between juicy and cracking. It’s the chilling sound of the titular(...)

Listen carefully to Todd Solondz’s Weiner Dog and you will hear the director make a good joke about his own audience. A film student, outraged by a l(...)

Nicholas Rombes: in his novel, a retired librarian has destroyed his collection of rare film prints by directors such as David Lynch, Maya Deren and Michelangelo Antonioni

Nicholas Rombes is surprisingly genial given that I’ve got him up early on what I, foolish European, thought was a normal Thursday, but is in fact (...)