Change the attitude: Peter Casey.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

For those worried that Newstalk has succumbed to the dread scourge of political correctness, last week must prompt mixed emotions. The bad news is tha(...)

Ivan Yates is frustrated at this outbreak of reasoned analysis, chiding his guest for forgetting his journalistic imperative as the silly season beckons

As a presenter, Ivan Yates has made a virtue of his provocative style and sceptical mindset. So it’s something of a surprise to hear him start the Har(...)

As we trudge through adulthood we often forget the joy  learning can engender.

Remember that indescribable feeling of peddling on your own bike for the first time? Or the Eureka moment when you crack long division? The joy of plu(...)

Science Gallery Podcast: a brilliant, free podcast

In honour of Science Week, we take a listen to the Science Gallery Podcast, produced and presented by Shaun O’Boyle with music editing and sound desig(...)

 Brian Cox and Robin Ince present The Infinite Monkey Cage on BBC Radio 4. Photograph: Richard Ansett/BBC

As the darker evenings draw in, how about keeping your spirits up with a bit of science between your ears? Recent years have seen an explosion of sc(...)