Maurice Foley

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The Blades. Photograph: Terry Thorp

“I came from England in 1978 as I thought there was a great opportunity in Dublin for punk to flourish, but instead I was confronted with a narrow-min(...)

Crash Ensemble celebrated its 20th birthday with 20 commissions which, through its CrashLands project, it brought to rural locations that it has identified as both ‘unusual’ and ‘iconic’

Just in case you missed it, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has weighed in on the controversy about cutbacks at RTÉ’s orchestras. He was put on the spot by a D(...)

Fr Maurice Foley, who visited Michaella McCollum in prison in Peru,  agreed she gave a very polished performance in the TV interview but said this did not take from the fact that she was a repentant person. Photograph: RTÉ/PA

An Irish priest who ministered to convicted drug smuggler Michaella McCollum says he believes she is repentant and wants to put her past behind her. (...)