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‘The preparation process is particularly vital where a daughter is succeeding her father. She needs to develop independently and become highly visible in her own right.’ Photograph: iStock

One of the decisions most likely to rock a family business to its foundations is succession. Who will replace Mam or Dad at the helm and what’s the po(...)

The project is intended to provide new insights into underlying gender imbalances in the entrepreneurship sector

Dublin City University is leading a consortium that has been awarded almost €1 million in funding to help address the gender balance in Ireland’s entr(...)

We broaden what we traditionally associate with entrepreneurship – new venture creation aimed at maximising profit and growth – when we reframe is as (...)

Niamh Collins: “There’s a huge openness within female-only groups that you don’t get with mixed groups.”

Niamh Collins is programme director of the Female High Fliers accelerator at the DCU Ryan Academy. She is also involved with Illuminate, the female-on(...)