Among the star witnesses to the American Committee on Conditions in Ireland were Muriel MacSwiney, the wife of Terence MacSwiney who died on hunger strike in Brixton Prison in October 1920, and Terence MacSwiney’s sister Mary. They are among the women pictured in at a memorial service in the Polo Grounds in New York. Photograph: National Library of Ireland

In the early months of 1920, prominent Americans came together to bring international attention to Ireland’s campaign for independence. Their belief i(...)

Perfect for the centenary year that’s in it, Red Roof was once the gate lodge to Roebuck House, home to Maud Gonne MacBride and her son Seán. They ha(...)

Late former  minister  Sean MacBride (right) with his mother Maud Gonne MacBride and his son Tiernan, photographed in 1948. File photograph: The Irish Times

A signed first edition of Maud Gonne MacBride’s autobiography fetched €5,200 at a fundraiser for poet WB Yeats’s former summer home at Thoor Ballylee (...)

Maud Gonne MacBride with her son Sean MacBride (right) and grandson Tiernan look over ‘an album of photos of Troubled Times in Ireland’

We’re so used to hearing about the beautiful, feisty actress who inspired a thunderbolt of love in WB Yeats that it’s almost impossible to imagine the(...)