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 Democratic Party (PD) leader and Florence mayor, Matteo Renzi, during a ceremony at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy, today. He is set to become prime minister today when asked to form a government by the president. Photograph: Maurizio Degl’ Innocenti/EPA

Italy’s most recent government crisis went into overdrive today as the “irrevocable” resignation of prime minister Enrico Letta was officially (...)

Centre-left leader Matteo Renzi (38) is expected to become Italy’s youngest leader. Photograph: Reuters/Tony Gentile

Black clouds of instability returned to haunt the Italian political landscape yesterday follo(...)

Italy’s prime minister Enrico Letta gestures during a news conference at Chigi Palace in Rome on Wednesday. He resisted  pressure  to resign and let centre-left leader Matteo Renzi form a new government. Photograph: Remo Casilli/Reuters

Italy’s prime minister Enrico Letta faces a showdown with his own centre-left party on Thursday that could lead to his resignation and the appo(...)

Uncertainty over the future of the Italian prime minister Enrico Letta failed to unnerve investors. Photograph: Bloomberg
Italy sells debt at record low

Italy sold the top planned amount at a bond auction today paying the cheapest three-year yield since the launch of the euro as uncertainty over(...)

Democratic Party leader Matteo Renzi leaves Chigi Palace in Rome after a meeting with Italian prime minister Enrico Letta yesterday. Photograph: Alessandro di Meo/EPA

For the umpteenth time the fate of Italy’s 10-month old coalition government led by Enrico Le(...)

A figurine depicting former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, with whom Matteo Renzi is in talks over reform, stands on display  on Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples. Photograph: Alessia Pierdomenico/Bloomberg

Prof D’Alimonte held up his hands in frustration. Come on you lot, all you foreign correspondents, you simply do not understand, do you?The scene was (...)

Italy’s new hope
  • Europe
  • December 13, 2013, 08:24

Italy, it would seem, may finally be ready to turn the corner. Two important straws in the wind suggest that it is about to confront crucial instituti(...)

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