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While Toyota has led the way in hybrid sales, for all its talk of self-charging cars, next May will see a Toyota on Irish roads that doesn’t get any o(...)

It’s an odd time to launch a car, when everyone’s mind is fixed on working within the Covid-19 restrictions. Toyota clearly had plans for a grand unve(...)

Hybrids now account for 63% of Toyota sales in western and central Europe.

In the age of electric Toyota believes it has the edge over rivals that will see it through one of the biggest revolutions in the automotive sector si(...)

Toyota has two manufacturing facilities in Britain, a vehicle manufacturing plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire and an engine plant in Deeside, Wales. The UK manufacturing operation employs more than 3,800 workers directly.

Britain’s car and aerospace industries have led criticism of UK government plans to split from European regulations after Brexit, warning it will cos(...)