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Mary Trump. Photograph: Peter Serling/Simon Schuster via AP Photo

Dinner in the Trump household was a hierarchical affair. Fred Trump, the patriarch, sat at the head of the table, with son Donald on his right and dau(...)

Joe Biden: Biden’s gaffes, logorrhoea, puffery and handsiness are part of the messy package that is Uncle Joe. So are his empathy, sentimentality and loyalty. Photograph: Christopher Dolan/The Times-Tribune via AP

Sleepy Joe and Creepy Joe haven’t worked. So now they’re trying Sticky-Fingered Joe. After Joe Biden gave his big economic speech in Dunmore, Pennsylv(...)

Mary L Trump: As a child, the US president “began to develop powerful but primitive defences, marked by an increasing hostility to others”. Photograph: Simon & Schuster/Peter Serling

Spare a thought for Donald Trump. It’s one thing for a family member to pen a tell-all family memoir when you’re still in the Oval Office and four mon(...)

Mary Trump: the American president’s niece, describes many of her relatives as dysfunctional. Photograph: Peter Serling/Simon & Schuster via AP Photo

For most of her life, Mary Trump was shunted aside by her own family. Her uncle, President Donald Trump, for years looked down on her father – his ow(...)

Lieut Col Alexander Vindman: Having testified about Donald Trump’s Ukraine policy during the impeachment inquiry, he is retiring after  a “campaign of bullying, intimidation and retaliation” since. Photograph:  Mandel Ngan

The Trump administration received a boost on Wednesday after the supreme court upheld a rule allowing employers to deny workers insurance coverage for(...)

Too Much and Never Enough, the controversial new book by Mary Trump about her uncle, US president Donald  Trump. Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo

Donald Trump developed a penchant for employing hyperbole and lying after watching his “high-functioning sociopath” father demean any members of the f(...)

Donald Trump and his father, Fred Trump snr, overlooking some of their properties in Brooklyn in 1973. Photograph: Barton Silverman/New York Times

Mary Trump’s book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, contains stunning claims about her uncle, Donald T(...)

Mary Trump’s book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man is about US president Donald Trump and his family. Photograph: Doug Mills/The New York Times

A New York appellate judge ruled on Wednesday that the publisher Simon & Schuster could go ahead with its plans to release a tell-all book by Mary(...)

Trump source: Mary Trump will say she gave the New York Times confidential tax documents about her uncle. Photograph: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty

A niece of President Donald Trump will divulge a series of damaging stories about him in an upcoming book, the first time that the president could be (...)