Mary Mcintyre

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Stephen Brandes, Mick O’Shea and Irene Murphy aka The Domestic Godless challenge your tastebuds at the Solstice

The Food, the Bad & the Ugly – The Domestic Godless Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, Co Meath Until May 26th Cooking up a storm(...)

Kevin Donoghue would add philosophy as a Leaving Cert option: “Everyone should study it for a while. It really encourages you to reflect on your own thoughts and beliefs.”  Photograph: Andres Poveda

What is your most vivid Leaving Cert memory? I was in one of the study rooms with a few friends when a teacher came in to say English paper two had be(...)

Disappear With Me: Alec Soth’s Snapchat images, which vanish from your phone almost as soon as you receive them, have sold out. Photograph: Jenn Ackerman/New York Times

It’s a First World problem that is insignificant in the face of life’s major traumas, but a defining malady among those who have enough is the nagging(...)