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Faced with an unfolding emergency, the Government understood that unambiguous communication was vital. The authorities had to speak with one voice. File photograph: Getty

In the early weeks of the pandemic in Ireland, we also had an outbreak of control freakery. The Government was obsessed with the need to control the m(...)

Politicians also appear to be pinning their hopes on the wider use of booster shots. File photograph: Getty

From boasting about the massive uptake of our Covid-19 vaccine rollout, the focus has suddenly switched to analysing its shortcomings. With case numb(...)

Professor says it is ‘highly unlikely’ additional doses of vaccine would reduce mucosal responses and, therefore, prevent all infections and transmission. Photograph: iStock

The protection vaccines give against Covid-19 may be boosted through exposure to a mild infection with the virus, according to an Irish immunologist.(...)

Many human infections with other viral pathogens, such as influenza virus, do not produce a durable immune response.

As the Covid-19 pandemic rolls inexorably onwards, many of us are trying to get some handle on the future shape of our lives. When can we experie(...)