The Irish passport is ‘a representation of a real Irish person’, according to Fiona Penollar, who  heads the Passport Service. Photograph: Frank Miller

Lefortovo Prison in Moscow is named after a close ally of Tsar Peter The Great. During Stalin’s “Great Purge” in the late 1930s it served as a torture(...)

The report recommends “a more coherent, co-ordinated and longer-term approach” to integration support services, and a review of where they are most needed. Photograph: Getty Images

Immigrants living in Border counties are more likely to be older, poorer, less educated, less healthy and speak less English compared to those in Dubl(...)

Non-Irish nationals comprise 17 per cent of the population. In the Civil Service, where just 3 per cent of the workforce are foreign-born. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

An audit of Irish public-sector organisations has indicated that only one in 20 has policies for integrating immigrants into the workplace. The absen(...)

Staff and passengers at Dublin Airport. The number of Irish people on temporary visas in Australia has fallen by almost half in the  past two years.  File photograph: Kate Geraghty

The number of Irish citizens on temporary visas in Australia has fallen by almost half in the past two years due to tighter immigration laws and shrin(...)

Mary Gilmartin: ‘My brother, sister and I, between us, have lived in the US, Britain, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, Qatar and Egypt. Our cousins are scattered across Ireland, Britain and the US: from Sligo to Dublin, from Glasgow to London, and from New York to South Dakota, Texas and California.’

When I teach university undergraduate students in Ireland about migration, I ask them each to construct a migration family tree. I do this so that stu(...)

In Brisbane: Richard Donovan with wife Patricia and son Michael. They will all be back in Tipperary in September.

Richard Donovan had always wanted to see Australia, so when activity at the civil-works company he worked for began to slow, in early 2008, it seemed (...)