Mary Connolly

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Linda Sankey,  the communications officer for “Six months into our new normal, we can all agree that the two most important tools used to sustain and facilitate living in a pandemic, have been Zoom and walking.”

On January 1st, I and thousands of others joined the #100daysofwalking challenge (started by Ciara Kelly on Newstalk), where we would attempt to walk (...)

Pope Francis lights a candle as he visits the Knock shrine on Sunday. Photograph: Ciro Fusco/Pool photo via AP

After as good a summer as most of us can remember, the day dawned with misty rain and a stiff breeze which left many early arrivals to see Pope Franci(...)

Mary Connolly: Discovered busking in Dublin, she sold 64,000 tickets to 28 shows at the  Empire Theatre (now the Olympia),  breaking box office records and saving the theatre from bankruptcy and demolition.

On Sunday June 3rd, 1917, a desperate young woman arrived at Ailesbury Road, Dublin, from a Dorset Street tenement. For months, carefully concealing h(...)

James and Mary Connolly lived at their home in Landenstown, Co Kildare, for 29 years until it was submerged by unprecedented flash floods in August 2(...)

Vodafone wellbeing ambassadors, Mary Connolly, Ann-Marie Reid and Carol Wallace

A desire to drive innovation and competitive edge through organisational culture has resulted in a strong focus on health and wellbeing at Vodafone(...)