Cross-Border services trade makes up just 26 per cent of the total trade going from Northern Ireland to the Republic and 16 per cent from the Republic to the North. Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

There is considerable scope for expanding cross-Border trade in services in the wake of Brexit, a report by the Economic and Social Research Institut(...)

If sterling falls as a result of a no-deal – and stays lower – then this could limit some of the impact on prices, though it would make life even more difficult for Irish exporters to the UK

A lot of the Brexit debate is dominated by the impact on businesses, particularly the food sector which is exposed if there is no trade deal between t(...)

 Ifac warned  the hit to the economy in Ireland could be significantly bigger than the Covid-19 shock

A disorderly Brexit could knock up to 6 percentage points off Irish economic growth in the long term, equating to €21 billion in cash terms, the Irish(...)

Holyhead: For many Irish companies this will be the first time they have exported outside of the EU.

After the Brexit vote, the debate in the UK was all about whether it would be a “soft Brexit” or a hard one. Now the “soft” option is long off the ta(...)

Cliff Taylor: We appear to be on some kind of strange economic plateau. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

Some sectors are doing ‘surprisingly well’. Others are shattered. Ireland’s current economic reality is unlike anything that’s gone before. And nob(...)

The research by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) and the Department of Finance found there was limited overlap between the sectors at risk from a hard Brexit and those most impacted by the pandemic. Illustration: Getty Images

The shock to the Irish economy from a no-deal Brexit could be exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis, a new study has indicated. The research by the Econ(...)

About 40% of SMEs didn’t have sufficient resources to cover the revenue gaps that occurred during the height of the lockdown. Photograph: iStock

Small and medium-sized businesses face a revenue shortfall of up to €15 billion this year, depending on how the Republic’s economy responds to the Cov(...)

Former chair of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council Seamus Coffey. Photograph: David Sleator/The Irish Times

A new chairman of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council will have to be appointed by the next government following the recent decision by UCC economist Se(...)

The advisory council warning comes as exchequer returns show the Government took in a record €3.1bn in corporation tax last month and is on course for a record €11bn this year.

The Government has again been warned against using “windfall taxes” to fund public services similar to what occurred during the boom. Irish Fiscal Ad(...)

President of the European Comission Jean-Claude Juncker, right, and UK prime minister Boris Johnson shake hands during a press conference on the Brexit deal in Brussels on October 17th. Photograph: EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET

The proposed Brexit deal could result in a major increase in cross-Border smuggling and technology will be powerless to prevent it from happening, a s(...)

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