Martin Foley

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Dublin man James Quinn (pictured)has been convicted over the murder of Gary Hutch  in Spain three years ago with the jury ruling he was the getaway driver rather than the gunman. Photograph: Solarpix

A man convicted of the murder of Gary Hutch, the killing that began the Kinahan-Hutch feud, was a suspect in the fatal shooting of another man in Spai(...)

James Quinn who has been charged with the murder of Gary Hutch. Photograph:

James Quinn, whose gun attack on Gary Hutch in 2015 set in chain a murderous underworld feud which has claimed 18 lives, is no stranger to internation(...)

File photograph from 2000 of Martin “the Viper” Foley. Photograph:Collins

Martin Foley, a father of three known as The Viper, is back in the news. This time a brother of bankrupt developer Seán Dunne has been awarded €10,00(...)

Viper: Martin Foley with the fang-like handlebar moustache that gave him his nickname. Photograph: Collins

The circumstances of this week’s arrest of Martin Foley, the criminal also known as the Viper, mirrored much of his criminal past: chaotic, unusual(...)

Foley is a former member of the Martin Cahill gang and has had numerous attempts on his life: Photograph: Marc O’Sullivan/Collins/File photo

Well known criminal Martin Foley remains in custody after being arrested on Monday in connection with an incident at a Dublin jewellers.Foley (64), al(...)