The US president may have lots followers but ‘you get diminishing returns’ on his tweets, philosopher and author Ian Olasov remarks. Photograph: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Feeling overwhelmed by information? Befuddled by constant notifications? How do you know what to read and what to ignore? We may exist on average a fe(...)

‘Anger is a kind of madness; it blots out rational thought.’ File image: Lambert/Getty Images

Jesus lost his cool just once in the New Testament – when he overturned the tables of money changers in the temple – but that has been enough in the m(...)

This week ITV announced it was ending the Jeremy Kyle Show, presented by Jeremy Kyle (above), after a man who failed a lie-detector test on the programme took his own life. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

The influence of the church may have declined but there has been no let up in public moralising. A current of judgmentalism runs through society which(...)

‘A culture of shaming imperils public debate as people will be driven to self-censor.’ Photograph: Getty images

In the western world, clergymen used to have a monopoly on shaming. If you were condemned from the pulpit you could expect to be ostracised from your (...)

Empathy – the act of feeling what you believe other people feel – may cloud our moral reasoning. Photograph: iStock

One of the many appealing aspects of practising medicine is the constant impulse to challenge simplistic thinking around widely held tenets. A classic(...)

The target of anger is the person, but its focus is the act, and the person is more than the act, however difficult it is to remember this

Trust within intimate relationships is a terrifyingly amorphous concept, when you think about it at any length. The basis of the trust between you and(...)