Martha Breen

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Harry Higgins, Martha Breen and Fionntán Larney in ‘Beat’. Photograph: Ste Murray

When Lin-Manuel Miranda drew lifeforce from hip-hop to forge his triumphant stage show Hamilton, he sketched out the blueprint for a form of musical t(...)

Beat: Fionntán Larney’s excellent debut is a  persuasive anatomy of toxic masculinity. Photograph: Ste Murray

BEAT Smock Alley Theatre ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Hip hop isn’t about music as much as mastery: the ability to whip any mess of experience into a flow of lyrical de(...)

The young lovers defy their wheezing elders in both deed and fashion sense, subverting berets and army camouflage with insurgent colours and punk tartan

A Midsummer Night’s Dream ★★★ Castle Yard, Kilkenny Performances of The Most Lamentable Comedy and Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisbe never did run sm(...)

Review: Spring Awakening

Spring AwakeningAxis*** If ever a play was a natural fit for Dublin Youth Theatre, Frank Wedekind’s enduringly febrile 1891 drama on adolescent sexual(...)