The main outdoor deck has an 85-foot Italian glass infinity pool, a swim-up bar and a pair of mini Sea-Doos and a small catamaran.

There are new homes and then there’s this. A brand new 38,000sq ft property in Los Angeles has just gone on the market for $250million. Of course at t(...)

 Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell): “He is said to have wept because there were no more worlds left to conquer. The rest of us would have sighed with relief and had a nice cup of tea.”

Does money make you happy? Does it really? If I were to shout this at any average human as I passed them in my Lamborghini, they would be within their(...)

Streaming music is wonderful. Being stalked by the provider of said music service is not. While the usual attitude to T&Cs is TL;DR (too long; did(...)

Markus Persson speaking at a video game conference in 2011. Photograph: Game Developers Conference

In Minecraft, Markus Persson created one of the biggest, most enchanting games of the past decade. And now he has written one of the most unusual, ref(...)

Acquiring Minecraft would give Microsoft control of an online world that has defied many of the conventions of the modern games business to become a blockbuster success.

Microsoft is in advanced talks to acquire the maker of the game Minecraft for more than $2 billion, according to people briefed on the discussions. Th(...)

Gamers wearing the high-definition virtual reality (VR) headsets, manufactured by Oculus

Facebook sees the future - a 3-D virtual world where you feel as if you are hanging out with your friends rather than s(...)