Mark Twain

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 It is to the French that we owe the use of apostrophes in English, but the word itself comes from ancient Greece

There is a case to be made that life is too short for worrying about the misuse of apostrophes. Even the late John Richards, a grammarian Don Quixote,(...)

Broken connections can have a negative impact on people following retirement.

The retirement conversation tends to be dominated by digits. How much have you got in your pension pot? What kind of pension will that buy? When will (...)

Elizabeth Lo uses a camera rig to allow the viewer to access the dog’s world view – the effect is a genuine shift away from anthropocentric ways of seeing.

Film-maker Elizabeth Lo’s work has played at the Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca and Hot Docs. Many of her documentaries have movingly chronicled soci(...)

Harry Crosbie: “I found as I was writing that my memory was opening up and I could remember in incredible detail about what happened”

Harry Crosbie is best known as the man who turned the Dublin Docklands into one of the most successful urban renewal projects in Europe. He is also kn(...)

 “Getting back to ‘So’, and my speculation about whether Seamus Heaney or Mark Zuckerberg was to blame for the phenomenon, perhaps I should also have included Julie Andrews on the list of suspects.” Photograph: 20th Century Fox/Getty Images

Following my lament (Diary, Thursday) about interviewees starting all their sentences with “So”, a number of readers have made heartfelt pleas that I (...)

John Metcalf’s collection is as informative as it is entertaining.

“After the ham and Ambrosia Creamed Rice, he’d walked the neighbourhood – dark factories across the canal, bomb-sites, news agents, fish and chips, Pr(...)

Mark Twain: voluminous fan mail. Photograph: Ernest H Mills/Getty Images

If Mark Twain is to be believed – and he would have been the first to urge caution in that regard – he was for several years in the 1870s the subject (...)

 A view through the door into to the Covid ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at St. Vincents University Hospital.Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Much of the commentary by civic, political and other authorities is a double cause for concern. Firstly, it probably is a manifestation of their own l(...)

Some six months after Prine’s death, the first seven albums of his career have been repackaged

One of the peripheral misfortunes of the death of someone such as John Prine – who died aged 73 on April 7th from Covid-19 complications – is how peop(...)

Robert Graves: Limerick struck him as “war-ravaged” even in peace. Photograph: Bob Gomel/The Life Images Collection via Getty Images

When the poet and novelist Robert Graves was born 125 years ago this week, the event took place in London and not, as it might have, in Limerick, a ci(...)

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