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Dan Hegarty: ‘I’m reading Babylon’s Burning: From Punk to Grunge by Clinton Heylin. I’m hoping to come across  references to music I haven’t heard of’

Current favourite book With Wimbledon just finished, I started reading John McEnroe’s autobiography. It’s interesting because it talks about how the (...)

Wendy Carlos: At the time ‘Switched-On Bach’ was released, the composer was  six months into transgender hormone therapy, and still known as Carlos. Photograph: GAB Archive/Redferns

Since its release 50 years ago, Switched-On Bach has been relegated to the realm of kitsch curiosity; blips and blops produced from tinkerings on prim(...)

Desperate to attend a festival in Ireland this year but don’t know where to start? Try this app. A Year of Festivals in Ireland comes as The Ticket’s (...)

Knockanstockan,  Blessington Lakes, Co Wicklow

My aim last year was to hit three festivals every week for 12 months, but I overshot my target a little. It coudn’t be helped: there are just so ma(...)