On Today with Sean O’Rourke, the presenter  attempts to conjure up the whiff of cordite by recreating the close-fought battles of the previous divorce referendum

There’s a trusty adage about warfare which holds that generals always fight the last war rather than the next one. Whatever about military campaigns, (...)

“Divorce is regarded as a normal part of the wear and tear of life.” Photograph: iStock

Family law practitioners broadly support removing divorce from the Constitution in a referendum next year, though one warned that it might be “a bridg(...)

The lives of couples seeking a divorce or separation are being “put on hold” by court delays, a leading family law solicitor has said. There is a c(...)

Increasing numbers of Irish people in the autumn of their lives are choosing to officially divorce or, at least, file for judicial separations. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Some 20 years since divorce was first introduced in Ireland, the numbers opting to dissolve their marriages have been lower than expected. Ireland cur(...)

Divorce was introduced in Ireland 20 years ago.

Proposed legislation to reduce the period of separation necessary to obtain a divorce from four to two years, has been broadly welcomed by family law (...)

Leo Varadkar: the Minister for Health’s proposed Bill on assisted legal reproduction can do nothing to regulate the practice of overseas surrogacy. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

Surrogacy is complex, often cumbersome and fraught with pitfalls, yet it is booming. It is becoming a global business, an expensive option for childle(...)

Families Through Surrogacy, which conducted the survey, said about half (12) of the 25 Irish people or couples who organised a surrogacy abroad travelled to Thailand, seven went to Georgia, five to India and one to the US

A steady stream of Irish people anxious to start a family are travelling abroad to enter into surrogacy arrangements in spite of continuing uncertaint(...)

For some couples, divorce has been off the agenda for the past few years, as a combination of tough personal financial circumstances, falling property(...)

While legislation will permit altruistic – or “non-commercial” – surrogacy arrangements such as those involving family members or donors, it will prohibit for-profit or commercial surrogacy arrangements.

The use of commercial surrogacy services is to be prohibited under proposed new laws.The heads of the Children and Family Relationships Bill are likel(...)

The Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI Women at Work poll shows that just half of women in employment reckon their earnings alone are sufficient to finance a ’reasonable standard of living’

This week’s Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI Women at Work poll shows that just half of women in employment reckon their earnings alone are sufficient to financ(...)