Marilyn Manson

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Charlie and Tiger Woods: their clothes were not the only things to match. Charlie’s body language, the twirl of his club, the fist pump, walking after his ball on putts  triggered a fawning coverage that veered towards excess. Photograph:  Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Social media appeared to get it so right and so wrong at the PNC Championship in Orlando earlier this month. An event dreamed up by international man(...)

The person with whom Kanye is truly trying to connect with in Donda, it would appear, is his estranged wife Kim Kardashian. Photograph: Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/AFP via Getty

Nothing is ever simple with Kanye West. And the rapper’s tenth studio album, Donda, is perhaps his least straightforward undertaking yet. The record (...)

Alice reportedly have their own imitable way of fine-tuning their material by playing their music over movie trailers as part of an effort to enhance (...)


It’s hard not to like Yungblud, at least on a personal level. Doncaster native Dominic Harrison (23) is a beacon of individuality on the music scene, (...)

Rose McGowan. Photograph: Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty

Before I meet Rose McGowan, I spend a lot of time wondering which Rose McGowan I am going to meet.  The steely Rose McGowan who faced down her a(...)

Sentencing the defendant on Tuesday, District Judge Peter King told him he didn’t need to re-iterate “how incredibly dangerous the posting of the video was. You could have had yourself on the end of a police taser, or worse”.

A pupil who posted a video on Facebook of him holding a gun and saying he was going to go and “shoot up” the school he attended at the time, sparked a(...)

 Cult leader Charles Manson: he preached a demented catechism of misogyny, racism and social paranoia. He was no more intelligent than a dozen other criminal psychopaths

This ought to be the last article on the curious cultural legacy of Charles Manson. We can hope. The infamous cult leader, who has died in prison at t(...)

‘The post-booze half has been the happier half of my life by far,’ says Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper is rock’s greatest pantomime villain. In the sleeve notes for a lavish box set titled The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper, the Detroit-bo(...)

 Singer Marilyn Manson: injured by a stage prop gun. Photograph: Thomas Peter/Reuters

Marilyn Manson has scrapped multiple dates of his US tour after being hospitalised following an on-stage incident on Saturday night. A representative (...)

Incident occurred while Manson was performing the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams’. File photograph: Steve C Mitchell/EPA

The rock star Marilyn Manson has been hospitalised after a stage prop fell on him while he performed in New York. The musician (48) was hurt when two(...)

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