DCU researchers advise ventilating spaces well when at home, especially while cooking or cleaning. Photograph: Getty Images

Open the windows more, especially when you cook and clean, use your extractor fan and do not mix cleaning products together. That’s the advice from a (...)

 Marjane Satrapi: “I’m a 20th-century woman: I smoke; I’m not on social media; I eat everything.” Photograph: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty

Catherine Deneuve calls her breathtaking. The Simpsons immortalised her by having her punch a hole in a grocery bag. She won best first film at the Cé(...)

Xinxin Xiao: ‘Health is an eternal theme of mankind’

Congratulations on winning the Royal Irish Academy’s Kathleen Lonsdale Chemistry Prize for your PhD – what was that project about? Thank you. My PhD (...)

Schoolchildren stage a climate change protest in Sydney, Australia, earlier this month. When they graduate, will they want to work for a fossil fuel company? Photograph:  Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images

Sustainable finance is the cornerstone in the business side of climate change mitigation. Two of the best strategies to change corporations are: – c(...)

Mark Zuckerberg is empty-chaired at a House of Commons ‘grand committee’. Photograph: Gabriel Sainhas/UK parliament/AFP

Image of the week: Where’s Mark? While they neglected to follow the example of a campaigner outside who did the whole papier-maché head thing as he h(...)

 Susi Geiger: “There are a lot of promising trials taking place, but the innovations aren’t being implemented . . . We are hoping to come up with a model for the industry which can help overcome this.”

The benefits of connected health or e-health technologies are potentially enormous in terms of improvements in patient care, enhancements of quality o(...)

There is real value in participating as an “expert” for the European Commission. For emerging researchers, it gives direct experience of the peer review process, offering them a greater understanding of how proposals are funded, and helps them when preparing their own proposals. Photograph: Darren Hauck/ Getty Images.

At this time of year the flights from Dublin to Brussels hold many researchers and academics on their way to participate in evaluation panels for Fram(...)