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 Declutterer supreme Marie Kondo

Hands up who made resolutions to live a less cluttered life in 2019? You are not alone for on January 1st, a day that you’re probably still finding d(...)

Katia and Nadia Narain say self-care should be an everyday activity

I feel slightly bad about this, but when a wellness guru to the stars – one dubbed “Marie Kondo for the soul” – tells me that she spent an evening las(...)

Those who insist on an immaculate home have often had a chaotic existence as a child, and the obsessive need for order is their way of trying to control their world

“If you can’t fill the fridge properly then I’ll have to do it,” said her mother hauling out all of the newly placed groceries and replacing them her (...)

Call off the clutter police: This Trish McEvoy make-up planner will fix it.

I’m a failed control freak. I YEARN for a life of efficient but monastic simplicity. Instead I’m so drowning in stuff that I worry that overnight rand(...)

Mrs Which, a gigantic Oprah Winfrey, is given to speaking in Oprahisms

Mr Murry (Chris Pine), a brilliant physicist, has disappeared without a trace. He left behind his research partner and wife (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a young(...)

‘A growing number of people have no truck with Facebook’s pull.’ File photograph: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images

Years ago, in a bid to claw back some time for myself, I decided to wave my Facebook profile off on a cyber-funeral pyre. It had become the ultimate t(...)

Put the space under your stairs to good use. Photograph: Getty Images

A few weeks ago, while visiting the author John Boyne’s vast bachelor pad, I learned the meaning of the word “envy” afresh. I bit down on my tongue as(...)

If you’ve ever harboured the desire to do the splits, this desire probably left you around age 13, eclipsed by equally brutal preoccupations like roma(...)

“Self-help books are  an industry, and the author is earning a livelihood. They are selling a hot topic, and often an extreme of something.”

Many years ago, after a break-up, a well-meaning friend gave me a book about embracing single life and finding empowerment within. I’ll admit to nev(...)

‘The market is positively overflowing with books on how to manage anxiety, but Morgan’s sits a cut away from the rest.’

Time once was that the self-help book was the dysfunctional cousin on publishing’s family tree. The first was said to be published in 1859 (Semuel Smi(...)

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