Maria Thun

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Astrantia ‘Ruby Wedding’ Photograph:   Richard Johnston

It was the famous English plantswoman Gertrude Jekyll who described the June garden as “the time of perfect young summer . . . with as yet no sign to(...)

Dismissed by many as just so much silly hocus-pocus but fervently endorsed by others, the biodynamic practice of gardening in accordance with the rhy(...)

 Cáit Curran gathering herbs in her garden. “People think you are out of your mind but look at how the moon has an influence on our tides.” Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Time was when waxing and waning moons governed food sowing and growing and many farmhouses had a lunar calendar hanging from a kitchen wall. Yet when (...)

‘Beaming down the bog’: sunrise on Mweelrea, Co Mayo. Illustration: Michael Viney

The first real day of spring is when the mountain moves out of the way of the sun. Freed from Mweelrea’s flank last week, it beamed down the bog to wr(...)