Maria Cassidy

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The Castleton ’first flush’ Darjeeling which will go on sale in Bewley’s of Grafton Street on Monday

Every time you flick the switch on the kettle and reboil its contents, you are murdering the cup of tea you are about to make. “Tea needs oxygen to b(...)

Young voters and journalism students at the North West Regional College in Derry, back row: Caolán McGinley, Shauna Crossan; front row: Maria Cassidy, Jason White.

Rebecca Doherty has just turned 18 – and among the birthday greetings she received was a letter from the SDLP. “We are writing to wish you a happy 18(...)

Tray chic: barista movements are soothingly ritualistic. Photograph: David Sleator

On a visit to Bewley’s factory this week, I didn’t have the heart to tell anyone there that I’m not overly fond of coffee. In fact, I’ve always qui(...)