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John Healy

John Healy, general manager at Suesey Street and No 25 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin After I had my heart transplant, I knew I needed a big life change t(...)

Fever Ray: headlining the Body and Soul stage on Friday at the festival

Body & Soul Stage Friday, June 22nd 00:30-01:45 Olof Dreijer DJ Set 23:00-00:15 Fever Ray 21:10-22:10 Fatima Al Qadiri 19:40- 20:40 FAK(...)

Hatha yoga: aims to balance two energies through postures and breathing

After I had my heart transplant, I knew I needed a big life change that wasn’t just physical. A friend introduced me to yoga in February 2011, and it (...)

Pictured: Miriam O'Callaghan broadcaster, Sinead Burke disability activist, Ellie Kisyombe End Direct Provision, Mari Kennedy leadership coach, Eileen Flynn traveller and community activist

“Society tries to divide us into working women, non-working women, mothers, people who choose not to be mothers, Traveller women, rich women, ugly wom(...)

In an age in which an image of breasts on television would pass unnoticed by many and would induce a yawn in many others, it is extraordinary that people can get themselves worked up about a woman breastfeeding discreetly in public.

‘He is very full of himself,” is one of those Irish phrases that must be quite baffling to everybody else. I had seen it as a relic of a past in whic(...)

The aim behind Census of the Heart was to gather a series of snapshots of where people were in their emotional lives in 2016, and what those surveyed thought Ireland would be like in a century from now.

Last April 26th, Ireland’s regular national census took place, as it does every five years. The first results from it came out recently, examining po(...)

Census of the Heart asks questions that are related to connections to and relationships with one’s home, job, community, friends and family

This weekend, as households fill out the national census form, one might be left a little cold by its questioning. So what about an alternative censu(...)

To “drop in” is the new phrase for turning off technology and being one with yourself and nature. It’s reminiscent of that 1960s motto “Turn on, tune (...)

Relax and renew
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  • August 28, 2014, 13:57

Mixing “yoga and mindfulness with art, music, architecture and ideas” may sound like a tiring business, but a retreat in Portugal next month promis(...)

Number two Mayville Terrace is at the Loreto Avenue end of the street. Smart black, white and red Victorian-style(...)