Mary gave a piece of the potato cake to a young neighbour who visited the house in Meath. Illustration: iStock

On the day before he died, Nicholas Ledwithe went to the market at Carrickmacross. Taking an ass and cart, he went for the purpose of carrying goods b(...)

The Famine Warhouse 1848,  a commemorative visitor centre run by the OPW, outside Ballingarry in Co Tipperary.  File photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

The Taoiseach has said the best way to remember those who died in Ireland’s Great Famine of the 1840s is to help their “modern-day equivalents” by wel(...)

As it stands, there is no legal impediment stopping a landlord from demanding a deposit of any amount

People will be put at risk of homelessness if landlords are allowed to demand deposits of two-months from would-be tenants before they are given the k(...)

A large crowd queues outside  an apartment block on Northumberland Road ahead of a viewing. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Pat (66) has been a residential landlord all his life, but he’d prefer if his full name wasn’t published by The Irish Times. “Do you know the opprobri(...)

Before and after: Following a rigorous course of intravenous and oral antibiotics for nine months at the Jemsek Speciality Clinic in Washington DC, Anthony Morris says he now feels ‘freakishly well’

An Irishman who underwent controversial antibiotic treatment in the United States for an insect borne disease claims that bacterial illnesses caused b(...)

Landlords looking to evict a tenant in order to sell a property must sign a statutory declaration that they are doing so, according to new measures.

Landlords who want to evict a tenant on the grounds of selling the property must sign a statutory declaration that they are doing so, according to new(...)