It’s time to bid farewell to this column, which has been keeping us topped up on tasty trivia for the past two years

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard,” said honey aficionado Winnie The Pooh. It’s time to bid farewell to this column,(...)

Margaret and Leo Farrelly, started their free-range egg business in 1988

Free-range egg producer, Clonarn Clover, is a family affair. Margaret and Leo Farrelly and three of their four children work in the business, which be(...)

Margaret Farrelly of O’Egg. The company’s operation involves around 160,000 hens. photograph: seán curtin
New innovator: O’Egg

Margaret and Leo Farrelly have been producing and packing free-range eggs under the Clonarn Clover brand since 1988. They started with 150 hens on the(...)